Security Cameras


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I am just wondering y does it say there are security cameras yet stuff is going missing. Also someone contiually parks in our parking space so when we get 2 cars we are gona park them whereever we want as someone has been parking in our space for a YEAR! Can u ask them for the rent off the space?

Do the security cameras work as theres a sign up asking whoever broke the door to come forward sure if there was cameras they wud know who it is-call me Einstein like!

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well einstein , had you taken the trouble to read the notice about the broken door , you would have read that the person was asked to contact the management ie george "BEFORE" the gardai were involved
bet you are blonde lol


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If someone parks in your space I think you can have them clamped, but leave a note on their windscreen first there are so many empty spaces they may have assumed no one was using it. Rude I know, but maybe give them a chance.