Rotting Back Door issue


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To all (mainly) North-facing house-owners in Beechfield,

I have had a problem with my back door from soon after moving in, due to the finishing work that Menolly Homes did on our estate.
Having had it assessed by a door maker, I was told that the doors we have are only good as an interior-exterior door (mainly used only as the final door if you had a closed-in porch outside of it to protect it).
Because of this, my door rotted at the panels (MDF cheap crap) to the point that we could actually put our finger through it at the corner should we have tried to. The finish was so bad, it also meant that the bottom section therefore also ended up rotting too. All this meant that the door we had was no use for anything except scrapwood.
I have since got a name of a carpenter who came, measured up and got a door made for me. He had it made from Teak, which is dear enough in itself but it is an excellent outdoor wood, longlasting. He helped keep costs down by using the lockes currently on our door (which are in excess of €100 themselves) and the hinges currently attached. He was back within a week and had it fitted in no time. The only thing left for me to do was to varnish it (which he would have done had I requested it but I didn't), and I now have a lovely back door which looks very close to my previous one but is stronger and more solid. Should anyone wish to see it, please come back to me and I will sort a time for you.
I am putting this up to share information with everyone as I know it is hard to find good tradesmen if you don't know where to look (I myself need to find a good plumber but hopefully have just contacted one I was given who is supposed to be good).
The Carpenter's name is GARETH SANDS and his phone number if you want it is 0868542862.

Looking forward to the clean-up day this Sat,