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Hi, id like to know whats happening with the roof too, i would presume the management agency would contact the residents before they pull apart the roof garden. I have lived in other apartments where the management agency communicate frequently with the residents regarding any changes to any shared facilities, but our agency seem to be lacking in the communication area.


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The roof garden was giving major problems to the apartments underneath and had to be completely cleared to find out exactly what the trouble is.When that is established and cured I expect it will be put back to its original condition.Paul


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Agree that we should have been told when work was starting on roof garden. Living beneath the roof garden, we had spoken to mgmt co before about damp coming from roof garden and they blamed ventilation within apartment. Called them to ask about work on roof and they said it had to be done due to problems with apartments underneath, which we had told them about 2 years ago. Asked about mgmt meeting also as there was none last year and was told there would be a meeting shortly???????
From other posts though it seems it's up to us to organise a meeting though, and to contact the management company directors (who we have no contact details for)!!
What exactly do these guys do for their money apart from get the bins removed (in the middle of the night - presumably a cost saving option) and get the hallways cleaned - badly??


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Liquidators of Cruson Developments - Grant Thornton

Dear Shelbourne Park Residents

It is with great surprise that I learned at the AGM I was the only one who has had success in extracting funds from the liquidators (grant thornton) for issues in my apartment, arising from the incompetence of the original builders (Cruson)

I know that several (if not all of you) are minded to pursue this line of inquiry and have had great frustrations in pursuing the legal route. If you are keen to do so and I can be of assistance, I will happily do my best. I did not even employ solicitors and the process took around 6 months from initial letter to offer.

If you leave a note in my letter box (no 21) I will happily provide you with a copy of the letter i sent to grant thornton.


Liam, no 21

Mr X

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I was out of the country and wasn't able to attend the AGM. Do you have the details of what was discussed and agreed (particualrly with regard to the roof garden & other structural issues and Cruson Developments)?

I would think that rather than each owner and the Mgmt company pursuing separate actions that a joint action would make sense.


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Hi, just to fill you in regarding the agm, a resident i think her name is Susan, has agreed to type up the minutes and distribute them to all the apartments in the next few days. About the roof garden im not 100% sure if this is all correct but the roof was leaking into the four apartments underneath and cost €16,000 to fix, at the moment the insurance company are not going to pay this. The cash call is for a seperate figure of 23,000 for insulation and improvements to the roof which the builder has recommended and apparently that the building should have due to new regulations being introduced in 2009. The management company are hoping that the insurance will pay for the 16k for the roof or they will have to use the sinking fund.
It was a general consensus at the meeting that the residents have a problem regarding communication with the management company. It was agreed that once the roof garden is finished the walls and carpets need to be repainted & plastered and carpets possibly replaced, the gutters are going to cleaned, the carpark steam cleaned and the leak looked at, the side door cleaned up, also carpark spaces are going to be numbered, the code on the gate is going to be changed and parking permits are going to be issued to residents once they prove that they own a space. Also cleaning company are going to be checked up on, and they are to look into getting a recycle bin with a slot instead of the one everyone is throwing everything into.
I probably forgot a lot but there is to be a noticeboard put into the lobby where the management company are going to communicate more regularly with the residents, i think a two monthly notice of whats happening was agreed on
I wasn't at the AGM either but I'm wondering why exactly the €23k insulation and improvements needs to be done? Surely building regulations effective 2009 wouldn't be applied to existing buildings, i.e. I doubt this is something that HAS to be done, rather it would improve insulation etc. and bring the building up to recommended ratings for 2009.

It seems like it might be a 'nice to have' rather than a 'have to have'. Does anyone know if this was ratified at the AGM as definitely going ahead or is it dependent in any way on residents actually paying up on the cash call? And incidentally where does the sinking fund fit into paying for this, if at all?

Also, should probably wait for the minutes to come around, but was any mention made of restoring the roof garden? Or is this delayed until this other roof work is done?


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The roof garden fix is a 'must-have' and it was agreed that all owners would pay up by 1st June. After that fines will be imposed. This was all discussed and agreed at the AGM last week.

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Hi apt_owner_x,

I was unable to attend the AGM. I’d notified Apartment Mgmt Specialists of this in advance and requested the minutes to be issued asap following which I haven’t received as yet. I also requested the audit accounts and details of the roof garden issue. Neither of which have been received as yet.

Might you have any details on the roof garden issue? My concern is that this is the same roof garden issue as identified in the engineers report from 2005. This issue was raised at the 2006 AGM when the managing Agent (Apartment Mgmt Specialists” were reluctant to pursue the builders (Cruson Developments). The last communication I saw was a letter from Apartment Mgmt Specialists saying that they "will take instructions regarding the common areas from the Directors of Shelbourne Park Mgmt Co Ltd". Was there any update at the AGM as to what action/decisions the directors and managing agent made?

Is it the case that the builder should have been pursued for the costs on this issue but that didn’t occur and now the apartment owners are being asked to pay the costs? My question is why aren’t the builders being pursued?


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Does anyone know whether the minutes (mentioned in a response above) have been issued as yet or whether we might expect them shortly? Also, how will they be distributed and do I need to register to recieve them?

michael mescal

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Not sure if roof garden cost are valid

hi all ,

live in the block and work as an architect . From visual inspection i can not see any extra insulation in the new roof .... Am also professionally unaware of how increased insulation over what essentially 300sqm am currently pursuing enginnering firm who copleated the job for answears.
Am also finding prop management company more than unhelpfull. Has anyone ever thought of changing them ????

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Please see the "Time to replace the Mgmt Agent?" thread.

Unfortunately I was out of the country for the AGM. I don't think anything has progressed on this nor have I seen any improvement from the Mgmt Agent in the meantime