Roaming dogs

Miss Crufts

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Hi everyone,
Not sure if anyone has noticed this but we do have a problem with dogs left out to wander the estate.
There are many responsible dog owners in our estate myself included who keep their dogs on a leash when in public areas. This is of course a legal requirement. On the flip side there are a number of dogs owners who let their dogs wander all over the place. As a consequence there is dog dirt left lying around public areas and in people's gardens. There are a number of small children who enjoy playing outside and I worry that they could come in contact with this muck. Also there is a safety aspect to this - dogs do bite!!! You might think your dog is lovely and friendly but a child can pull and tug at a dog and so get an angry reponse. As a dog owner I don't mind clean my own dog dirt from my back garden but I won't ask anyone else to clean up after my dog. Does anyone have suggestions how to handle this issue? Its not easy to go and knock on a neighbours door and complain about their dog. Could we ask the council to get some signs to remind our neighbours about what the right thing to do is? My husband has suggested a gun could be a solution. ;)


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dog fouling in estate

I think the best option would be to contact the Veterinary Department in Cork County Council and ask the dog warden to call around to the estate. They drop leaflets in doors where no reply is received, can issue fines where dogs are out roaming/out of control or where dogs are "caught in the act" of fouling. its disgusting having to clean up dog dirt from the front garden..