Road Junction to Ballymun/Poppintree

Just had a leaflet through door giving very unclear details about road junction opening up estate to Balbutcher road.

If you would like further details or try and block road, here are the Councillors contact details

Councillor Noeleen Reilly Tel: 0876336233. Email: @NoeleenReilly

I have attached copy of letter and map. The letter says junction is at Poppintree lane west?


The councillor has replied to a email, saying nobody has had any oblections.
Also this road opens up the estate to buses,truck and HGVs.
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Hi there, do you have a better map noting the actual route through the development? I had thought previously that it was HW Drive that would connect St Margarets road & Balbutcher? Is this the case or will there be other routes through the development? This proposal was made in 2010 so nothing we can do unfortunately. It might actually tidy up the current pedestrian lane from ballymun to Hampton Wood. It's currently like a rubbish tip.View attachment DCC Plans.pdf
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NewHw, Sorry not for replying quicker as I was waiting for a reply from the Sinn Fein councilor.Which never came. It will Hampton wood drive where the road links up to Balbutcher Lane. But the Sinn Fein councillor does not seem know exactly where. Also I asked about routing a "R" rated road through an estate where there are a lot of kids about. I also stated that road safety has came a long way since this roads planning permission went through. I just thought we could maybe cut out the risk of buses,truck and HGVs speeding through the estate.But with the no reply of the councilor, they clearly dont care about safety of the residents and residents children. Where else would you get a purpose built estate for families to move into then, plank a main trunk road in the middle of it...... Some people must have been given some nice fat brown envelopes....