Rip off cabs - any workarounds?


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Subject: What options do we have other than expensive cabs to common locations like Airport/city-center? Should we try to negotiate with a cab-company who will do a discounted price for Ongar-residents?


New year's day, had to drop someone at airport was ripped off for "C" grade tariff - ok I got the point about few cabs on the road. But when I was at airport there was this cab driver who had no passengers so he offered me for 34 Euro but once in cab he put on the meter and obviously it was 46 euro, I was hesitant to pay and then he started to argue with me that it he said it would be around 34. I did not make a scene, called up the cab company and they are looking into tihs matter. Ok I must have been stupid to even encourage someone to hire a cab for lesser than meter point taken, but I was trying to help someone by giving business [which I'll not do again]

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I finally used a different company, they seem to be nicer and reasonable with price.

They charged me 23 Euro for Airport for 5 seater, and 28 Euro for a big van [with lotta luggage].

If people are interested, I'll talk to the cab company for further reductions.

Is any ORAC member reading this? if so can I liaise with you and see what we can do for Ongar community? May be something like the preferred cabbie for Ongar.

The taxi I used was: 01-8111666. I have no affiliations with this company.