Restaurants in the area


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Having lived near to Ranelagh for most of my life, I was lucky enough to have a multitude of restaurants/ cafes near by.
I find that here, there seems to be a bit of a shortage and I tend to go into town if I want to go out for a meal.

Where are the best places to go for something to eat close to here?
We tend to do the same ie head into town. Getting the bus in means you can have a few glasses of wine and not have to worry about driving home! We find Smithfiels is quite handy (only 20-25 mins on the bus) and there is a nice restaurant there called Kelly & Ping (Irish & Asian food) and a great pub called Dice Bar if you like music.

Locally we ate in the restauraunt beside Superquinn called La Terraza. We thought the food was really good and quite authentic. They were doing a special on truffles ..they's put on 3 new truffle dishes ... I had a truffle risotto and it was v tasty. It doesn't look like much from the outside but inside its quite pleasant and though it was a Monday night, the place was quite full.

Also the Shimla in Clonsilla is v good and for the last 2 christmas they've sent us a voucher and christmas card! A nice gesture even though we only eat there a couple of times a year!


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Carpenterstown House


We have lived here in Fernleigh for about 2 years and find the best place nearby for food is the Carpenterstown House for reasonably priced bar food.

The other one we have tried is Wongs Chinese in Castleknock and TGIs in Blanchardstown Centre.

Though I have to agree restaurants and shops, etc are sparse in the area for a growing population.


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Both Carboni's (more of a cafe) and Aurora in Tyrrelstown are very nice. Aurora is the chinese.

Ravello's in Clonsilla village is quite pleasant too and the early value is very good value.


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For a good takeway, I'd recommed Let's eat in over in Coolmine.
website is, you can order online or by phone.
Great selection (chinese, indian, italian & thai) and although a little more expensive than the local chinese takeaways, any time I've ordered, the food has been of a very high standard


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We too lived in Ranelagh for quite a while before buying in the area three years ago. Adjusting to the lack of amenities, like cafes and restaurants, in the area was the biggest thing for me - apart from maybe the traffic! But who can afford to buy a house in Ranelagh these days, huh...!

I agree with CavanMan - Shimla is one of the best Indian restauarnts/takeaways I've had this side of Mumbai or Birmingham. In fact, they have a sister restaurant in Birmingham (or maybe its Bradford) I think - which has to be a good sign. The guys who run/work in it are great too - excellent service and they are really personable - always smiles on the faces...

I thought the indian at Lets Eat In was pretty good, but its not a patch on Shimla. Now all we need is a decent Thai (like Ranelagh's Diep Noodle Bar)...!


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Well Ernie your prayers may have been answered! My favourite resturant in the area is the Thai Garden beside the church in Blanchardstown village. Great food, lovely surroundings and friendly staff. Its good for all occasions, and the food is some of the best Thai I've had. They have a sister restaurant in Galway City.

Also good is The Mandarin Castle in Castleknock village. Another old favorite!

I know these are a bit further out but worth the trip - and on the bus route!
La Banca in Lucan Village is not a million miles away and it is excellent. Lets not forget Jaipur either. Shimla in Clonsilla is also very good and does an excellent takeaway.