Restaurants & Cafe's in the area

Rock D2

Moderator (Wintergarden)
Holiday Inn can you get any closer !... Steak,Bear and big screen football :D

The Lido Fish & Chips etc , Tel 670 7963

KC Peaches is on Pearse Street opposite the new pharmacy in Gallery Quay. They do great soup, sandwiches, brownies etc. and usually do one dinner style dish a day. Plus free Wi-fi for you tech heads ! Closes at 8pm though.

The Pig and Heifer New York style deli with a wide choice of speciality sandwiches if you want your taste buds to feel something new.

Cafe di Napoli at the back of Trinity Business units and on Westland row ..great coffee.

Apache Pizza TEL: 677 8888

Franks Restaurant is under the arches of the Dart line before you cross over the bridge into D4
The Malting Tower Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2
Dublin city
Tel: +353 (0)1 662 5870

The schoolhouse

Moving in under Hanover Quay apts for 2007 (Ely Wine Bar, Milanos, Spar etc)