Restaurant contacts


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list of restaurants & take a ways that I have:

Chinese - Dragon Inn - Ph: 01/350257

Chinese / Thai - Eatzen - 01/8352110 - Great Food, Karaoke Roon, bit expensive

Italian - La Bucca - 01/8357763 - tasty & reasonable

Italian - Big Ciceros - 01/8352711

Bistro - Beside Ash House - 01/8353477 - Great food - Reasonable - BYO

Ashbourne House - Good Carvery

Ashbourne Court - Steers steakhouse

Marriot Hotel - Grill 21, red bar -bar food
And 2 wine bars - one near Ashbourne House Corks Bistro- really nice - they do food, wine and beer! The other is Barca in Killegland crescent Dinners 10 euro , panninis
San Remo - Great pizzas in pizza place and good takeaway too - 01/8359859

There is also Dominos, Subway, Macaris and a couple of other chinese takeaways - don't have the numbers but will put them on as I get them - hope that helps!
Also The hunters moon, foxs den , stags head all do pub food


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Thanks Finbar. We all have the Golden Pages. No need to have wasted your time
bit of a waste of time you writing that comment too. no need to be rude, this is just people trying to help other people out. why are you bothered writing a comment if your obviously taking the piss? spend your time on something more constructive.


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Yes we all have the golden pages , but not all restaurants are listed and i have taken the time to give some coments on price and food and some tips etc. There is no need to be so rude.
thanks for all of the advice and tips you have provided to this site, it has been of great value to us all, you really know your restaurants.