Residents Meeting Sep 2007


Moderator (Gleann na Riogh)
Residents Meeting Sep 18th 2007

There is a Residents Meeting being held in the Naas GAA on the Sallins Rd at 8:30pm on Monday 17th September.

All welcome

If you have anything you want to add to the agenda, please post up here before Monday


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First meeting was held last night Monday 17th in GAA club, Thank You to all who turned up and to those who volunteered to be members of the committee

Chairperson: Brian McDermott
Secretary: Linda Downes
Treasurer: Deborah O Sullivan

Also, thank you to those who volunteered to collect Annual Subs on each of the roads:

The Grove: Deirdre Shaw
The Drive: Declan O Brien
The Crescent: Fiona Banim
The Court: Paul Little/ Antoinette Messitt
The Close: Linda Downes/Julie Banim
The Way: No repersentaive from this road attended the meeting so it way agreed that Linda Downes/Julie Banim would collect on this road.

It is hoped that the Annual Subs will be collected in the next week/two. Notification of the Day and Time will be given in advance.

I will be working on all points raised at the meeting over the coming week and will post all updates as soon as received.


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You can check the Members List at the top, but it only gives you for Kildare.

It doesn't specify what group the user belongs to.


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Can you advise how the money collected is being used...
Tony, Deborah is currently trying to get various quotes for the grass cutting for 2008 which will probably use up the majority of the funds.

She will be issuing some information in the New Year to all residents who paid up as to what the costs, etc will be and any other information.