residents committee / forum


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hi all, we're fairly new here at HSQ, just wondering if there was an active residents committee. if so, how to contact and become involved. am finding a few minor issues, nothing that can't be solved though.

a community with such potential must surely have one.

pm me and we can get the ball rolling.


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Hi Robvambeck,
I agree there should be a residents committee /vAssociation. Have you experience any issue at all?


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Hi Redapple1,

I haven't experienced too many issues as I just rent here but I could see the value in having a residents committee or something similar.
Even if all the residents in HSQ knew about this HSQ forum it would be good, i suspect very few people are aware of it.


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There should be a residents committee here, there are quiet a number of issues that could be dealt with and surely, the guy who looked after us saving us a lot on our DALKIA bills (now Veolia) would do wonders leading the committee/association for us. Let's invite him back and support him in doing so. What you think? There is plenty to benefit from having a committee/Association and supporting it.