Residents Commitee Meeting


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Hi Everyone,
There is a residents commitee meeting next week. Please post here with any issues you would like raised by the commitee.


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A number of incidents in breach of mgmt company rules. A few are as follows:

  1. Commercial vehicles parked in visitor parking
  2. Clothing / washing left on balconies in rear of block 1
  3. Living room furniture on balcony to front of block 1
  4. Owner of apartment in block 1 keeping a cat on the premises
Also, visitor car park paving between blocks 1 and 3 is loose


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Hi Glyn,

In addition to points raised by Trent (though I don't believe there is an issue with a cat - I think it's allowed in the regulations) -

1. People driving/parking on the grass including a delivery truck recently for people in Block 2.
2. Cars parking right outside ground-floor apartments in Block 1.
3. Apartment in Block 4 with satelite dish.
4. There is no room for friends to park when they visit due to residents parking above (though I understand why with recent security incidents).
5. Apartments in Block 3 (facing the road) with boxes etc. piled up to the floor above on their balconies.
6. Door into Block 1 not working correctly - i.e. it doesn't open when the infra-red swipe is successful.
7. Bollard outside Block 1 needs to be put back up.



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I imagine security is on the agenda but think this should be continually raised as the most important and urgent issue. My bike was stolen from carpark under block 3 this weekend (see thread on break-ins).



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Definitely agree with you there Emma and very sorry to hear that your bike was stolen. I saw the locks lying on the floor and the thieves must have strolled in with a hefty device to be able to get through those locks.
Another issue I find unusual is the fact that our Server room is wide open for anyone to stroll in and do as they will. Maybe this is common practice but I would imagine that Irish Broad Band would be none to pleased to find out about this, especially as the hardware they keep in there is not cheap and the setup could easily be stolen or, even easier, sabotaged. I think I will let them know about this if it is left as it is. They might have a little more clout than us residents.
Given that the underground car-park has regular visits from undesirables I find this could become a problem.
Also, the telecoms exchange under Block 1 is completely exposed with the cover resting on the fire hose.
All of the electricity boxes have been open since I have moved in so have grown used to this standard but I feel it is unacceptable.
I appreciate I might be ranting about very benign issues but I feel there is a very sloppy trend becoming the norm in the maintenance of our buildings from a Property Management company who is all but invisible.


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Beetlejuice...Irish Broadband are just as incompetent as the management company. They barely know how their own network is configured so I'd be very surprised if they'd notice their routers etc. going AWOL. I've had a few issues with my Internet connectivity and they were no help - within the Irish IT community they have a very poor reputation.

Additionally, under Block 3, the NTL (I think) connections are left open and uncovered.....:)


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Committee Meeting

Is there any update on the Committee meeting and how it went and what was discussed.
I notice that the fire panel in the carpark, block 3, on the block wall beside the exit door accross from the bin store has not yet been replaced since July!!!!!!!
I have called the management Co. several times and they obviously have not actioned it.


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Liberty Homes

Hi All.

I am on the committee and this is the response that we received today from ODPM following a meeting they had with Liberty Homes this morning.

The builders have gone back on every promise that they have made. Mick, Robbie and Tony from Lib Homes were in attendance together with three people from ODPM.

"The following issues were raised and discussed:

Door Block 1
Liberty Homes have confirmed that a new lock will be installed on the main entrance door to Block 1. The lead time for the lock to be replaced is 3 weeks.

Cobble Lock
Liberty Homes have advised that the cobble lock was damaged due to heavy delivery trucks turning sharply on the cobble lock delivering items to residents. The cobble lock was not designed for heavy vehicles turning sharply in the area. Liberty Homes stated that this was advised to residents when this issue first occurred.

Vehicular gates
Liberty Homes have confirmed that a 3" galvanised right angle metal strip was damaged and removed due to a van hitting the vehicular gates and requested that ODPM contact the contractor that attended and request that a new 3" galvanised right angle metal strip be installed.

Pedestrian Gates
Liberty Homes have stated that the pedestrian gates were not designed with a gate closer in mind as these gates are intended as an exit point from the basement in the event of fire. Liberty Homes have confirmed that they will provide a gate closer to the committee and stated that the committee should make their own arrangements should they want to install the closer.

Liberty Homes have confirmed that they are limited to what plants could be planted behind block 3 due to the lack of natural light and the ground itself. As a result only basic ground cover was planted and Liberty Homes have confirmed that they are not attending to any further works on the grounds.

Rain Water Pipe
Liberty Homes have confirmed that metal rain water pipes were used instead of black plastic pipes due to the high volume of water coming from the roof. If plastic pipes were used these would have warped and turned grey over time. Liberty Homes have confirmed that there is nothing they can do to climate the noise from the water dripping.

Liberty Homes have confirmed that they will be completing the tiled areas in the basement entrances to the car park. Tiles are on order and will be installed in the coming weeks.

Foul Odour
Liberty Homes have stated that the foul odour is emanating from the refuse stores as a result of residents not disposing of there refuse in the bins provided and by leaving the refuse stores open. If the refuse store doors are kept closed, the odour will then be extracted through the ventilation system and will not escape into the building.

Water Feature
Liberty Homes will not be replacing the water feature and carrying out any further works on the water feature.

Service Ducts
Liberty Homes will investigate this issue and revert.

Finishing List
Paul from ODPM will be meeting with Mick and Robbie from Liberty Homes to review the finishing list on site and a date for same has to be confirmed."



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Thanks for the update Maria. Looks like it'll be an ongoing battle with the builders.

Was there any discussion regarding aesthetic issues such as clothing on balconies (I've noticed a lot of it at the back of block 1) and health & safety (bbq on block 4 balcony and fire alarms not properly reset per the box in the entrance of block 3)? Also, people parking in front of balconies and entrances to blocks.

I know people in other apartment blocks who are managed by ODPM who don't take no for an answer. ODPM issue letters to offenders immediately at their reqest. I feel we need to take action sooner rather than later before the problems grow.


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Hi Trent,

I have been chasing ODPM for weeks now with regard to the fire alarm. They were supposed to have the alarm people out during the week to visit each of the apartments to sort the problem but that has not been done and I mailed ODPM on it yesterday yet again and am awaiting a response.

With regard to clothes etc on balconies, ODPM have written to people not to have things on the balcony. While it looks bad there are much more serious issues that we are pressing them on at the moment, security being top of the list.

As you will see the caretaker has put up temporary no parking signs on the grass - methods of stopping people parking in front of balconies are being looked into and will cost money. I have been advised that there is nothing in the budget this year to deal with anything that will cost money and it will have to be factored into next years budget at the end of October which will be agreed by the Directors, ie the builders so this is a battle we are facing at the moment. I am awaiting an up-date on this from ODPM.



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I agree re prioritising security issues. Entrances need to be fixed and fire alarms sorted. I noticed the fire brigade paid a visit on Monday evening after the alarm went off in block 1 / 3.

Also, sounds like a camera is the only real long-term solution to the car park security issue. Maybe this can be investigated at the end of October in the budgeting process.

Other aesthetic issues can be addressed in due course.