Residence Committee to be Set Up

Ronan C

Moderator (Windmill)

I've emailed the management company requesting their help in setting up a residence committee. After talking with friends in other developments, including ones built by Kimpton Vale, I think it is extremely important to establish an effective residence association to help address the on going concerns that most of us seem to have regarding living in Windmill and the management company. Hopefully Smith Management will be accommodating in speeding up this process.

If I do not hear back from Smith Management, I think we should meet by the end of the month. Since someone has to take the lead on this, I suggest we meet in the Carpenter pub on Wednesday the 26th of September at 8pm. I am eager to get things moving as I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends regarding management companies, builders and unfortunately, our builder. So the only way we can get value for money and improve our development is if we take the initiative now.

Please post all ideas and suggestions and encourage our neighbours to come along.