Residence Committee and 1st AGM

Ronan C

Moderator (Windmill)

I contacted Symth Management with regard setting up our residence committee. They seem more than happy to help and very positive about the whole thing. I've asked Clara (she is the one looking after our development) to send around a notice to let everyone know about the meeting on the 26th in the Carpenter at 8pm to get the association started.

Clara also informed me that our 1st AGM will be held on the 31st of October, so I think we should definately try to establish a committee before then.


New Member
October 31st is Halloween. I dont believe that is a good day to have the AGM. Firstly some have kids who will be having their day and secondly it would be impossible to get a babysitter that day.
On the off chance, others may wish to celebrate that day too ;)

Perhaps Ronan should ask Smyths for another date.



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I was thinking the same thing.Maybe thats why they chose that date,cos there'd be less people there....