Recycling Paper Rubbish

Gerry O'Donnell

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For a long time there has been no specified bin for paper only rubbish.
I think that it is very important that one is provided given the amount of
paper being thrown out into general bins.
I feel it is the responsibility of the management company to provide this
and the residents to use it properly.

I brought this up 4 months ago with the cleaners
who said they would raise it in a meeting with the
management company. Nothing happened.

I rang fisher 2 months ago and the message was
to be passed onto the Maintainance Manager of
Fisher. i have since heard nothing.

Does anyone else care about this issue, support the request
for a bin and separate disposal of waste paper or have
any other suggestions?


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Recycling is a concern for me too Gerry. Last place I lived we were all issued with a green bin for paper and cans and the company Oxigen collected them monthly. The management company organised this. Although as I understood it at the time there was an obligation on us to start a green bin scheme. Additional fees were being charged by Dublin CC for lack of compliance or something? Also I think your waste charges drop as the weight of bins go down.
At the moment once i hit breaking point I throw all my recycling in the car and ferry it down to the bring-centre beside grange gorman. They do all the small items like paper, platic, cans, clothes...
I will be calling the property company in the next few days and will bring up this matter then too.

Gerry O'Donnell

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Paper Rubbish Recycling

Hi Mike. Spoke to Fisher today about this. They say that Global the
rubbish company that take the waste away separate the rubbish.

I said i found this hard to believe. It would also make their job
so much easier if they had a green bin as well as being more
re-assuring for us to.

He then said it would go on the agenda for the AGM which was
coming up soon and it will be voted on.

I said that i was dissappointed that such a simple idea was not
automatically acted on and didnt need to be buried in bureaucracy
but that didnt change his mind.

Thanks for letting me know and the Bring Centre. Didnt know about
that centre. I have sacks of stuff to bring along.