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I am thinking on renting in Ticknock Hill/ Rockview area and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the public transport is like for the area? I work in Dundrum, and through google maps it told me it is a 59min walk, is there another entrance that leads you out nearer Ballinteer/Dundrum area or do you have to walk up the Blackglen road past Lamb doyles? is the bus reliable? The landlord has said in her add that its near the luas, but i don't know how this is possible. Also, whats the hill like in the winter for driving - like an ice rink?
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There is a short cut out to the M50 bridge, you have to go through Killcross. I'd say it takes about 20 minutes, half an hour to walk to Dundrum, I do it regularly enough myself.

The 44 bus goes down to Dundrum too from just across the M50 bridge too, it's pretty reliable, it usually comes almost exactly half an hour after leaving Enniskerry, but I'd recommend being there about 20 minutes after it left, in case it's early. It's not very frequent, so if you miss it there's about a 45 minute wait till the next one.

I've only been here a few months, so I'm afraid I can't help with the winter driving question.

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Alternatively you could walk up to the Blackglen Road and cross the bridge that goes over the M50 and then cut through Kingston down to the green route, but in the past this has taken about 40 minutes. But the Route that Radiel has mentioned above is the more convient.