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Can you tell me what is happening with the public lighting in Rathstewart Crescent, we are in our house about 1 1/2 years and there is still no lights outside our house.


Not sure what situation is with public lighting in that area of the estate. Looking at the Athy Town Council website at the link they state that they are responsible for public lighting.
Best to contact them 059 86 31444 and see what there stance on it is or maybe contact one of the Residents Committe members who may have info on the situation

Hope this helps


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I am also wondering why we still have no lighting in our part of the Crescent. I have contacted the council but as yet have no sensible replies. The winter is coming and after more that 1 and a half years we are still in darkness at night. Winter is coming and I feel very vulnerable walking along the pathway in pitch black!!:(


Moderator (Rathstewart Crescent)
Street Lights

Hi John,

What sort of excuses have the council been giving so far ?