Public Spaces in Dun Emer

Jim Robinson

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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone is aware of this (or even interested) but Fingal County Council still have not 'taken charge' of Dun Emer.

We are heading into yet another spring/summer where the grass in our public spaces will not be cut and the place will look as bad as ever.

I was told on numerous occasions last year by the Council that this issue would be resolved in a matter of weeks and yet here we are almost in February and nothing has changed. We are still reliant on the builder to look after the public spaces of Dun Emer (some chance!). As far as I am aware, all the items on the snag list previously mentioned by Tom Hussey of Fingal have been resolved for some time yet the 'taking in charge process' is still not complete.

If you have any interest in resolving this, please contact Fingal on:

Tel: (01) 890 5000

and ask them why we were asked to pay a Household Charge in 2012 for an estate which is clearly 'unfinished' and not under their remit.


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Some more contact details which I used last year.....

& Ken Farrell who was looking into this for us

This lady replied from Fingal.... A snotty reply at that! Stating ut was up to the developer to cut the grass!

The main issue was with a snag list which was supposed to be completed in a few weeks, but there has been nothing on this since and as you say the grass is going to need to be cut soon.

Also there a large number of street lights now not working on the estate...Fingal Need to get this sorted!!

Dwyer Nolan were to complete the snag list, maybe contacting them too to see what the hold up is.

m ward

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public open spaces

This is from your neighbouring estate chapel farm. Do u no that u can watch proceedings of the I think area B (Sword Balbriggan are) Committee of on the internet. Fingal County Council.

If u don't suggest u watch last one in May and Ken Farrell and what he had to say to the committee about the taking in charge. Apparently the problem that Fingal has - admitted that all snags etc carried out but developer have not sent Deed of Dedication to Fingal - i.e. legal invite to Fingal to come in and take the land in charge.

Ken himself expressed he cant understand why developer not doing this and getting back bond and went on to express to committee how owners in dun Emer would feel - i.e. Developer getting planning permission etc to develop and sell in the forge and leaving owner in dun emer high and dry with open spaces not taken in charge.

We have same problem but added complication of developer in liquidation so banks have say in all this. But manor Park who now need bank of Scotland consent have not send Deed of Dedication either to MPH. But even if they did would council come on given their qiib about outstanding works?

The Receiver is sending Council Money for works being taken on in other unfinished estates.

Ken has tabled motion to next meeting of fingal on 13 th June re Chapel Farm to sue receiver and he has probably done one for Dun emer.

It seems to me that homeowners in both estate have a common interest that we are piggies in the middle of disputes between two different developers and Fingal county council over the unmaintained large open areas in both estate.

Have notified some owners here of meeting and suggested that worth while of owners go to sword on 13th just to see what goes on. Perhaps u might alos show your face or have u ever done that. ??

there is additional prospect here of management company being struck of if annual returns not filed and don't think MPH are keen on staying on Bd of CFMC but no owner here keen on stepping on to it.

Problem is if it is struck off company then be expensive for any one woer to have it reinstated. People think that company woill go away but wont. And one in Dun emer alos.,

PS There is one in Dun Emer also. ,

Perhaps owners from bot estate should attend meeting in swords and reps from res associations. U might let me know if u have any opinions.

There is no resident association in this estate.


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Dunemer has officially been taken over by Fingal we all got letters from Ken Farrell about it 2 weeks ago, They also stated that fingal would cut the grass immediately and within a week they cut most of the open areas on the estate.... The large area in front of the Centra was only done a bit so will query when the rest is being done!!