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We will all have to assess our property value for the purpose of calculating our property tax. If you value your property too low you will be fined but conversely if we overvalue then we would end up paying more tax!

I was thinking that it would be a good idea to arrange a single valuation sheet that lists value by unit type so we are all agreed?

That way we all have a price to work off and we are all aligned.

What do people think of this?

m ward

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Dear DF??? I am in Lusk and have just read your suggestion. I think it is a very good idea and will try and get it ip and running here. we have to March when revenue will be sending out theri own assessments and if residents committee think u will need one - in place to - that all the houses in your estate have some up with same self assessment valuations - revenue may find it hard to disagree.


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I have written to the resident's committee with this suggestion and Patsy said she will raise it with them also (It is not really a mgmt company responsibility to do this).

I also asked Patsy to advise me if she hears of how other developments are planning on handling this.



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Property Tax Valuation


I got the letter in from the LPT for a 2bed apart which puts me in the 4th valuation band.
When you go on-line & look at Revenue's guide for the LPT & put in your location of property or daft's property guide it puts me in the 3rd valuation band.

Just wondering if anyone else is had the same problem?