property management fees


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got an invoice for the property management fees recently, so i presume everyone else did too, my story is that i took ownership of my apt. december 06 and paid my 1300 fee, which i presumed would do me for the year.
i got my bill 2 weeks ago, the bill has gone up to 1500 - this is for the period march 07 to feb 08. because i didn't live there for most of last year they gave me credit of now they want 580 for the period up until feb 08.
and so i can only presume that they're gonna want another 1500 off me come 1st march 08,
so it seems to me that im paying too much (ie 580 + 1500) i rang them they just said stuff about getting everyone in line with their year , ie march to feb and thay they couldnt process each fee individually, that's fine but i dont wanna pay over the odds to suit their little system,
anyone else have a similar problem and if so what did u do?
thanks in advance


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are the mgt co. actually doing anything about cleaning the hallways, carpets, walls etc in the blocks? i live in block c and the place is filthy. its so frustrating paying mgt fees when the mgt company are doing v little