Problems with tiles???


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The tiles in my kitchen have been getting progressively looser since I moved in. Finally got a tiler in and he said that the adhesive used was not good enough so they have lifted. When I moved in I also had my sittingroom tiled (Not by the builder) and those tiles are perfect and have not loosened which does indicate it is the adhesive (As it would have been different adhesive used).

Has anyone else had issues like these?


P.S. Have the name of decent good value tiler now if anyone wants (He is the guy who did my sitting room also and it is perfect!).


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Like you i had another tiler fit my sitting room which are PERFECT and a few in my kitchen are lifting you if your tiler can repair tiles at all? If you could pm me his number that would be great :)


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Hi DF77

We are having the same problem with our tiles in both our kitchen and living room. Did you get the tiles fixed in your kitchen? I would be interested in getting the name/number of the tiler that you used.