Problems with Hard Water


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Hi all, is it just me but i'm finding the apt water supply really hard. It's staining all metallic surfaces and actually causing knives spoons etc to rust..and i've only been there a matter of weeks(Block B)!
Is this something that we have recourse to complain about with the management company?
Is anyone else experiencing this problem??Would be interested to hear peoples views on the matter..


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Hey Duffler,

I think my issue be related to yours. It may be slightly vainer one but I was at the hairdressers yesterday and she spotted that parts of my blonde hair have gone a bit green. This is a classic sign of hard water that has a lot of lime in it. Obviously I am not impressed and I do think that the water supply to the apartment blocks could have an over supply of certain minerals? Do you reckon there is anything that can be done?

I really don't want rusty cutlery or green hair :(