Problems With Apartments


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hi Cluremary
Have noticed that the esb has been very expensive this past winter and not much heat from the one storage heater. We swithed to airtricity ( and their budget plan hoping its cheaper. But have been told by walls that the heater has to be on 24 7 both switches down and that all vents have to be open to stop condensation. It just makes no sense.


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Bathrooms in apartment building are always smelly. due to the fact that all the washrooms waste system is connected and due to physics laws you will always smell the waste of whoever lives on your top especially at night times. and I hate how their bathroom fans are connected too. maybe putting a window in each washroom would not have been a bad idea when they were constructing it:) bad engineering.


just seen that post eceneur , a simple water trap shoul be fitted on all the appliances to stop the smell,,,,that is an issue with the builder,,,,,,,,if their are traps but they are losing the water seal due to the movements of the main pipe dislodging this water seal i could try fit anti syphoning traps for you, but if you have time and effort be sure that all sanitary ware toilets sinks are flushed or ran each night and morning,,, just a cup full of water throown down each may stop it
i would get on to the builder though from what i hear but i couldnt honestly say without seeing it


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Hi all,this forum is very useful,thanks to all contributors I am looking to buy an apartm in Burnell Court complex,and wanted to know if you still experience issues with smelly bathrooms ,or has it been fixed,windows broken,quality of build,management company.Thanks


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Hi, I bought in Burnell Square last year, I have a sporadic issue with really bad smells in the bathrooms. My main issue is that the management company NEVER get back to you. I'm starting to feel like a stalker.