Pets Allowed?


Hi Nickie,

I've wondered about that also.

The big difference is between people renting vs Owner-occupiers.

For renters it will depend on the Landlords rules...

As regards the Owner-Occupiers?? Is there anything in the Management company directives... Not that I'm aware.

And then, as to pets? Prob need to specify. Goldfish - snake - hampster - cat - lapdog vs dog - horse!!

I've recently been in a friends apartment in Ballsbridge where they happily had a "house-cat" in their 2-bed apartment. Very reasonable to expect that we could do the same if so inclined...

Interesting to see what others think

Erica C

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It says in the lease that as long as they don't cause a disturbance and if they do you will have to remove them, I guess its to cover them incase we have a barking dog all night or a bird that sings on a balcony etc

At the end of the day as long as they are not annoying people why should this be a problem.


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Yes you are. I'm a Turtle and have been living in LBQ for the last two years. Nobody has noticed me yet but my cover might be blown now..........