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What the hell was going on in the courtyard (Belfry Hall) on Sunday morning?
Some skanger was screaming at the top of her voice Paula Paula Paula with no consideration for anyone. It was around 9am (my only lie in). It went on for ages and someone eventually decided to let her into the block and they continued to scream.

Not sure if it was the same girl but someone walked out of Block B around 11am screaming at another woman (both women were out of their heads). Its terrible how some people carry on, i for one do not spread my personal problems around in front of total strangers. But that jsut shows the mentality of these people.
Its like watching Eastenders on your own doorstep.
If anyone knows what apartment this was all happening from can you please PM me as i am sick of this crap (i had guests overnight) and i want to complain to the management company.


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Complain, complain, complain..Its the only way and with the apt no very N.B. We had the same issue in Block D and successfully evicted a certain family on the 3rd floor with the help of ODPM very recently. You must complain in writing for them to take action, but maintain contact to an annoying level.

I am sick of hearing stories like this about my so-called home. I am alergic to the place at this stage because of this kind of regular behaviour. What kind of vetting is being done by landlords or their letting companies...?. Unfortunately this kind of thing is synonomus now in BH and will continue as long as the scum continue to live amongst us..

Shot gun would have been handy that morning i'm sure...!! That's how you feel sometimes, well I know I do..


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I totally agree, i really felt like shouting out the window at her but i was afraid of retaliation and i also don't want to go lowering myself to their level.
I cannot complain to ODPM about them becasue i do not have a clue what apartment she was from/going to.

While she was screaming i looked out my window and saw that everyone else was doind the exact same as me.
Hopefully someone knows the apartment number and wil complain about it - i'm not trying to pass the book but as i said i have no idea what apartment to complain about.


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Anyone see the group in the courtyard about 9.30 last night, looked like they were up to no good they were going to each of the grills of the underground carpark and looking down, were rattling them and making plenty of noise at one stage


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I saw them, they were both climbing and sitting on the bin sheds of Block D (about 9.30pm). I rang the Gardai and to be fair the Gardai came quite quickly. I think the young people saw the squad car and moved on asap!!!


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I saw them also.. I would say they were no more than 14...

They were defo up to no good. I parked in the basement and walked to the courtyard to see what they were up to.

Little dirtbags need to be taught a lesson... looks like they were trying to get in the carpark.. I wonder if they are the culprits who cut the pedestrian lock into the carpark?


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i saw them two women alright i was coming in from work about 8.30 in the morning and the younger one was walking out shouting fuck u with her finger stuck in the air then the other woman was screamin at her to find her own way home and something about children... looked like they had been up all night drinking.. my apt faces the other way so i never really c much in the courtyard and this really shocked me. it only takes a few ppl of this sort to bring the place down


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Mostly I love my apartment but sometimes I really hate it - like when those kids were messing about with the grills. I walked down to the underground to check there was no damage to cars because I really wasn't sure what they were up to. On the other hand, it's nice to know so many people took notice/action.


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We'll get through these initial teething problems, we, as residents, just need to keep an attitude of zero tolerance and stick together, which is what we are doing, the message will eventually get through. Like Hart I'm reassured by everyone's vigilence and feel, despite the hiccups, that I am part of a community.