Party, Block A, Friday night, 28th June 2013


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Hi, is anyone aware of a party taking place in block A on Friday 28th June?

It went on to approximately 3am, had what sounded like several fights and resulted in the lights in the stairwell being smashed and blood stains up the wall in the stairwell. I would imagine blood stains need specialist cleaning and destroying lights is idiotic.

We all will be charged to fix these issues unless we can sort it out with the property owner so if anyone has any info, can they please PM me and let me know.

I know we don't get many posts in here nowadays but hopefully we get readers.




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Hi there,

I just came across this post and registered with the website so I could reply!

I'm sick to my teeth of out of control parties in the gallery these last few months.

Did you find out anything else after your post? What is the state of block A now?


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I'm 6 years late to this thread.... Just wondering if the issues have been resolved in block A?

I've just signed a lease here & I'm a little concerned about what I'm reading...

Thanks in advance!