Parking at Wyckham Place - Letter from RFPM?


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Hi neighbours,

I would like to open a discussion to gather the views of residents and owners of Wyckham Place on the newly proposed parking regime which was recently announced by RFPM.

Summarized outline of proposed regime as per notice in communal area:

  1. Limiting parking in visitor spaces to a maximum of 24 hours at a time
  2. Limiting parking in visitor spaces to a maximum of 5 visits per month
  3. Visitors required to text vehicle registration and apartment number to the clamping company before parking
There are a number of questions regarding this regime which have yet to be answered:

What are the associated costs of this system? What if any are the costs to owners for the extra services of the clamping company?

What is the cost per visit to your visitor? In similar regimes employed by management companies of other developments a charge of 75c per text to the clamping company is being applied. A regular text costs approximately 13c. If this is the case for our developmet, where is the rest of the money going?

When will we receive "all relevant information"? Only after all the signage has been erected and the proposal enforced?

What effect will this have on you renting/selling your property?

What effect will the severe restrictions of this regime have on your way of life? Where will your regular childminder/care attendant park?

It is agreed there is a shortage of spaces in our development but will this proposal result in the most optimal use of a common asset?

Also, it is felt that this matter was not communicated very well to the owners by RFPM:

Why was a letter not issued to each owner and apartment detailing the proposed dramatic changes? What can be done in the future to improve communications?

When was this agreed, as it is not the same proposal relayed by RFPM in a phone conversation after the AGM or outlined in the minutes?

I would like to hear from everyone on this matter and get a broad view of people's concerns or suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.




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Well done with organising this online forum for Wyckham Place residents.
it's a great way to keep in touch with issues and events.

Sent an email earlier regarding the Visitors Parking discussion.



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Hi there,

I'm just wondering if anyone has the letter RFPM issued recently reagrding the change to the parking facilities in Wyckham Place?

I am resident and my handbag got stolen on Sunday night with my buzzer in it. Because of this I could not access my parking space in the underground car park so I have parked in the visitors spot the past two nights.
I thought that the notice had said that the text facility was no longer in use, but I understand that I could be completely wrong on this.

Unfortunately this morning I came down to find that both my car and a friend that was staying over car were both clamped. The unclamping fee is now €120 per car plus and extra €5 if paying by credit or laser card - so needless to say I'm grinding my teeth today being out of pocket €250 for a genuine mistake.

Any input would be much aprreciated.