Oxigen Green bins


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Folks, thought you all might like to know that oxigen have stopped collecting Green wheelie bins on behalf of Fingal County Council.
I was in touch with the environment dept of Fingal on more than one occasion , firstly they said the bins would be collected, then they said they were let down by Oxigen who allegedly promised to collect all outstanding collections.:rolleyes:
obviously it is now a week later and we're none the wiser but they have told me that the new collection company (Greyhound?) will collect next week as scheduled and that they will take Extra green bin waste if you leave it in a black bag alongside your green bin.
Why the council didn't see fit to inform us all is of course another thing especially as most peoples bins are fit to burst after Xmas - one bad storm could turn the whole estate into a landfill but I guess at least we are being facilitated .
( If what i was told is to be believed)
So I advise everyone to take in their green bins and to call the council if you have any inquiries 01-8906708

Happy New Year


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Thanks biscuit boy. I hadnt mine out as I had forgotten, but yes it's a ridiculous situation.

Might give the council a buzz myself tmrw and see what story they give me.

Thanks again for the info.