over 3 euro to register visitor parking


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the new NCPS way of registering visitor parking is costing a fortune. They dont offer the 60c text service for the kilns so you have to ring a premium number which is 90c per minute from vodafone bill pay and even more from prepay and it takes about 3 mins to register.
Did the management company agree to this. It seems a bit much.

Mr. Angry

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I was wondering today about these changes. I think the text service is now up and running in the development. It seems a bit steep to use the 60 cent service (73 cent when you include your network operator) to text in a visitor. You have to text in every day too if you have someone staying with you for a few days. It's disappointing to be hit with additional charges from them considering we're already paying them for the service.

What about the massive signs on the lamposts? NCPS is in place to cut down on commuter parking. However, there is nothing to stop commuters coming into the estate and parking, simply texting the number on the signs. Surely these details should have only been communicated to residents? As it is they are essentially an invitation for commuters to come in, text the number and obtain free parking. How are NCPS supposed to know who should be clamped (commuters) and who is a visitor when they've registered their car via the text service?

Does anyone know if the Directors or Management Agent monitor this website, or are we just venting aimlessly?