Ongoing Intercom Problems


New Member

We moved into the Concert building around 5 months ago and found that the mic on the intercom doesn't work. The buzzer rings just fine, and the video screen works, but nothing can be heard at either end. This makes things quite difficult, both for something as simple as telling a friend that the door is now open, and for when a delivery of any kind arrives and I have no choice but to run downstairs when they inevitably walk away after getting no answer.

I called management around 2 months ago to report the problem, and was told that they were aware of the problem and had ordered 'a replacement part'. Apparently the company is difficult to get a hold of, and the part is no longer produced and needed to be requested. However, seeing as we've been here nearly half a year without a working intercom, I'm fairly sure this isn't going to happen.

It seems to me that it would be far easier to just replace the system entirely if it's this difficult to repair. Has anyone got any more information regarding this?