NTL Versus SKY - satellite dishes etc.


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I rang Sky recently inquiring about the scheme where they install a shared Sky
Dish for use by all the residents in a development. They told me that there was some interest in this already registered from Mount Talbot.

When Sky have 3 interested residents they then contact various people including the Management Company to discuss and arrnge reviewing the property for suitability of
1) Do the Mgmt Co. allow dishes / shared dishes
2) Where could they install a dish

Apparently they have 2 registered as interested in Highgrove.
I said I was intereted, so we have 2 in Hillview now also.

If there is a third party for either block there then might be some further movement, and people would potentially have a choice of who to have their TV service with. NTL(Upc) or SKY....

- I suppose this might if it worked out reduce the need for dishes on balconies. Not that this bothers me personally. but I know it seems to be a nuisance for others.

Anyway, that's the story so far for anyone interested in maybe getting SKY TV but not wanting a dish to have to put somewhere (and break house rules etc)...

Personally for me its more about choice.
A potentially better service offering.
And making our position with service providers more powerful.
- ie removing effective monopoly.

All the best