Noisy Neighbours - Apartment 31


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Hi guys,

This is a two pronged kind of post...

The first is an attempt to "name and shame", to get these people to calm their parties down. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people having their parties and entertaining, but a little courtesy and common sense should also be applied. Last night, a woman from the houses acrosss the way on New Row South had to shout up to them to try and get them to quieten down. This resulted in the occupant of the apartment abusing the lady with taunts of "Get an education". Their balcony door was open, the effect being that the sound of the screams were bouncing off the houses making the screams all the louder. We were kept up all night. This is not the first time by any stretch, the reason for my exasperation and this post!

The second is to find out if anybody else has been affected by their loudness at all hours.

If you have, I'd really appreciate any comments you might have. Strength in numbers and all that...

I'm not looking for your personal details. As you can see, I haven't given mine.