Noise in Two bed apartments under Duplexes


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Hi Guys

At the EGM we had a discusssion about the noise that people are experiencing in the two bedroom apartments under the duplexes. It has now become apparant that out of a row of 6 apartments 3 of us are experiencing the same noise issuse. Is there anyone else in the two beds that is having problems with the sound from upstairs ???????( in this i mean you can hear everything not that the person is having parties or being excessively noisy)
If we get enough complaints into Durkans they will have to investigate it. THey have receieved three complaints already and have done nothing about it!!

If you could let me know anway the more of us there is the better case we have!!



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noise in duplex carrig court

living in a duplex over apartment i can hear the people living next door to me walking across the room so i imagine it can definatly be heard down stairs and that downstairs can hear me, houses are made from paper! although noise is a nuicance to people its not possible to walk on tip toe especially with children and people also have to remember that they can be heard too! i have had a complaint about noise and with that went to visit my local cllr. to have the matter dealt with option move out its not worth the hassle or the money. should have a rule that hard wood floor not be allowed downstairs in duplex will help muffle noise