Noise from the roof


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Hello All

I was just wondering if any other people were having trouble with noise from the roofs?. I have already seen a comment posted on something similar. In my case the stronger the wind the greater the noise from the roof and can get extremely loud. I am not 100% sure but i think there could be broken tiles between the roof felt and roof tiles which were left behind when the tiles were put on. Could this be the problem or am i way off the mark?


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Hi Jar

Oh that is EXACTLY my problem! It sounds like loose tiles but I had been telling myself that it couldnt possibly be that! At least someone now agrees with me! No idea what we should do tho?!


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Hi Guys,

Ye, I've heard the same thing. It's really noisy when the wind is strong, just sounds like something is loose. Perhaps the guys working on the houses down from us could pop up?


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Thanks Lads

In the meantime i have done some investigation on this noise from the roof and almost sure i have found the cause. I got up into the attic and listened out where the noise was coming from which was along the front part of the house just above the air vents but inside. I pulled back the insulation and lay down on the beams so i could reach to the front and found that there where broken tiles under the felt which was causing the noise. I cut a small hole with a sccissors the size of my hand and reched in and pulled out some broken tiles approx 4 x 3 inchs. I had to do this at a few points and pulled out about six pieces in total. It is easy to now where the tiles are without cutting all the felt by just feeling for it or by hitting the felt. I now cutting felt is a big no no but im just going to tape mine up.

Hope this helps

I havnt heard anything sinse so fingers crossed