No more wall hopping????


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Haven't seen anyone hop the wall since the access was opened. Also not many teenagers around in Grianan Fidh at the moment.

Has the access worked or is it just the bad weather???:rolleyes::rolleyes:


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wall hopping seems to have dropped a good bit alright, suppose there are a few reasons - new walkway, schools back, weather ... I imagine the main one is the new walkway.

Problem is not gone away yet though, there are still some using it and most of these are still seem to be going from Bellermine Hall direction, through the lower pedestrian gates to Grianan Fidh, over the wall and on to the shops in Sandyford Hall or down the Ballyogan Rd . . . and most of them try to act like they have a chip on both shoulders.
Plan is as far as I'm aware to try and keep the lower gates locked, only resident access with key, this may deter them a bit more.