New Traffic Lights at Aiken's Village - pressure pads


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I notice that the new traffic lights are causing some problems, especially in the mornings.

The lights operate on a pressure pad system, not on a timer (as most other lights do).

To get the lights to change you must drive your car onto the pressure pads.

Some people are not driving up to the pressure pads in the road, so the lights are not changing (probably because they don't like stopping on a hill).

A few times recently traffic has backed up, and when people beep, the lead car has broken the red light - thinking the lights don't work (obviously dangerous!!)

Please let everyone know how the system works!


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Yip, experienced this once so far.

I just got out the car, walked over and ushered the car forwards.

People will catch on eventually.


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I wonder how this is going to work in winter with snow on the ground.

The pressure pads are on the steepest part of the approach, stopping there on snow will cause havoc.

I cannot see the authorities having the sense to turn them off in winter.

Only solution I can see is avoid this junction altogether and leave the area via the Belarmain roundabout.

Any suggestions?
I think that for the number of days that there is snow, and that the area hasn't been gritted, it would be an exceptional circumstance.
I doubt the municipality would bother rolling around the country switching them off, but rather just leave people to manage the situation on their own.