New QBC Carpenterstown Park


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Dear Resident,

As you are aware major roadworks have being taken place along Carpenterstown Park. The purpose of these roadworks is to provide a 24 hour Quality Bus Corridor inbound toward the city. Like myself you are probably mystified as to why Fingal Council are spending millions of Euro on a bus corridor along roads that do not suffer any congestion and why this is a 24 hour bus lane. The answer appears to be that Fingal council planned this from a desktop in Swords and viewed this as main road and not a road in a residential area.

The provision of a bus lane on this road is a ridiculous decision and now means that the children of the area have to negotiate a 3 lane roadway rather than a 2 lane roadway. However, it gets worse.

When Fingal planned this work the included a plan to widen the footpath on the Laverna Bramley side to incorporate a cycle lane. A the same time Fingal Council gave permission to erect 2 additional houses at the end of Laverna Dale. These houses were not factored into the QBC plans and do not appear on the QBC published drawings. As a result of this failure by Fingal Planning, the footpath height at these new houses is infringing on the planned cycle lane.

The solution that Fingal Council propose (and have commenced) is to widen the roadway and narrow the footpath, a complete reversal of the original plans, and to move the cycle lane onto the roadway. This narrower footpath leaves very little space between the roadway and the footpath thereby increasing the danger to pedestrians. It also creates a problem at the top of Laverna Dale where there will be a steep fall off onto the roadway caused by the narrowing of the footpath. Fingal County Council now propose to erect a 22 metre long barrier at the top of Laverna Dale which will prevent residents from crossing the road at this point. This will be hideous looking and will eventually devalue our houses as it get old and battered. It will also result in an area between the proposed barrier and the end wall of one of the new houses being only 1.6 metes wide. This will attract teenagers and may result in unsocial behaviour at the top of our road. We already have this problem at one end so do we now accept it at the other due to a failing by Fingal. It also creates a 4th lane that the children of the area must negotiate when crossing the road.

Fingal appear to have decided that the estates on both sides of the road are remote from each other and no interaction takes place so upgrading this road will not impact on residents of the area. We all know that this is totallly incorrect and that the people on boths sides of the road form a single comunity with major interaction. This proposed road change will cut a swathe through our community which is not acceptable, particularly when there is no benefit to be gained.

A number of residents have already been in touch with Fingal Council to seek a meeting between their engineer and local residents to discuss the situation but Fingal are reluctant to meet. I have been in touch will our local councillors and have raised it with our local TD's but it seems that Fingal are refusing to budge even for them.

We now need a unified and concerted effort by the residents of the area to prevent Fingal from proceeding with this distrastrous plan. suggest that:
1. The roadway is restored to its original width.
2. The unrequired bus lane is abandoned.
3. A cycler lane is installed at carraigeway level on both side of the road from Laverna to Bramely Roundabout.

If we leave it much longer it will be a done deal and we will have to live with the consequences. Please contact Fingal County Manager to express your opposition to the proposed plans. and our local councillors (details on internet)
It is our intention to co-ordinate local opposition.

We will keep you updated.