New planning application


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To all residents of the Briars ,
Broadway builders have lodged another
application for a creche at the front of the estate.
Could as many people as possible please
send in an objection to meath county council
to get this refused , closing date for objections
is 28th September 2008.
Thank you


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Planning application

Does anyone know the planning number for the creche.I had a look at the notice yesterday and its not on it.Mullins has changed his criteria to a 40 child creche now.


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The planning number is DA802565. This is a reworded planning application. It is still catering for 80 children. 40 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon. I had a look at the plans it is the same size creche as the last application for a creche for 80 kids, it takes up most of the front green area.
So please send in an objection to this and get as many people as possible in the Briars to object also.
Some objection examples :
Noise to adjacent houses beside the creche
This is a commericial building and should be located in the town centre not in a private estate
Smells coming from the excrator fan to the rear of the creche cooking 80 meals per day.
Junction fron the briars to the main road not avble to cope with 40 cars + turning into and out of
the Briars - too dangerous.
Entrance to the creche is too near the entrance to the state , cars turning in from the main road etc
would cause a back log onto the main road
Over development of the site
In sufficient parking provided , 14 spaces , 4 of which staff will use.4 wheel chair
Could anyone add any more reasons ?