New Household Charge


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I've been hearing a lot of discussion about the new household charge and who will be exempt from paying it. The legislation say that properties in unfinished estates are exempt but I've heard radio discussions saying that it depends on the state of the unfinished housing estate. Would The Coast be included in this exemption?

Public lighting, etc stops at the entrance to our estate. We shouldn't be paying this household charge, which will no doubt increase substantially in future years, before Fingal Co Co takes the estate in hand (hopefully resulting in reducing the household management fee we have to pay every year).

I heard a politician on Matt Cooper saying that he would be looking into making sure that the housing estates affected with the Pyrite problem would be exempt also. That seems to cover our estate. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Aoibhe Ni

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As a renter, I'm not totally sure where I stand on this, but I can only imagne that the fact that we're surrounded by hoardings, the lights as you've mentioned, and the fact that there are visible, incomplete structures would class us as "unfinished".

I'd love to hear someone in the know's opinion on this, too.


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Certain parts of the estates are special designated zones for non-payment. However the coast residents assoc did look into this and the management agent should be able to say the same.. that is, the special zones are most likely areas that are essentially not developed at all or the empty shell in Red Arches. THere was no special offer given to those who pay management fees as this would have covered to many of the newer developments in the Urban areas of the country. They want the cash. Note it was also mentioned that if you had paid stamp duty but that was removed also. Note the charge is not just for the area in your estate but the services supplied outside 'the gate' ie sewerage, street lighting on public streets. Sadly this money is just going to the exchequer now and they will offset this against what they pay to each authority.