New Guide for Residents Living in Unfinished Housing Developments

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Guide for Residents Living in Unfinished Housing Developments
Unfinished housing developments are an issue of national importance and a high priority for Government. Such developments typically fall into a number of categories:

1. Developments that are being completed by a developer with only minor works outstanding.
2. Developments that have more significant building works to be completed and that are being resolved by a receiver appointed by a financial institution.
3. Developments with significant building works, services and amenities to be completed where the developer is present but no significant works are ongoing.
4. Developments similar to (3) above but where the developer is no longer present on site or contactable and there are serious public safety concerns.

Your local authority will have details of the developments in its area that fall into the categories above.
This guide has been developed to give information to residents in developments, mainly under categories 2-4 on how they can become involved in helping to resolve the difficulties that can arise in these developments and particularly:

1. What happens next?
2. Who is involved in resolving housing developments?
3. What you and your neighbours can do?
4. What is a Site Resolution Plan (SRP)?
5. Who you can contact for information?

For the full PDF download (600kb) Guide for Residents Living in Unfinished Housing Developments

Also the Stakeholders' Code of Practice (PDF 349KB)

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