new educate together school in D13


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Hi folks,

Just to let you know that the D13 educate together association are working towards opening an educate together school in the area. A site has been identified by the dept of education in Belmayne and the school should open next year.

We are organising a public launch meeting for pre-enrolment on 22nd nov. Please see the website for details..


Sumit Mullick
D13ET Association


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d!3 educate together public meeting on 22nd nov

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce a public meeting for the Dublin 13 educate together meeting on the 22nd nov at the hilton on malahide road. Please see the press release at the bottom..

Hope to see you there..

Pls. mail me if u need any clarifications or you can phone Keith...

Sumit Mullick
D13 ET Association

-Starts –

Local group invites parents to discuss plans for Educate Together school in Belmayne

When - 22nd November 2007 at 7.45 pm
Where - Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel, Northern Cross, Malahide Road

Dublin 13 Educate Together Association are holding a public meeting on Thursday 22nd November 2007, at the Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel, Northern Cross, Malahide Road from 7.45pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide information on the work Dublin13 Educate Together Association has done over the past 2 years and assess local demand for an Educate Together school.

Educate Together has recently submitted a formal notification of its intention to apply to open a school in the Belmayne area in September 2008, and this public meeting will be followed in early December by a public launch of a pre-enrolment list.

A spokesman for Educate Together added, “If the application is successful, Educate Together will only proceed to open the school if the Department of Education and Science provides a reasonable level of funding to support the professional services necessary to allow the school to open in a responsible and efficient manner and where there is a realistic and credible guarantee that permanent buildings are being provided for the proposed school.”

Educate Together is the representative organisation of the Educate Together schools and associations throughout the Republic of Ireland. It owes its origins to the movement to establish new multi-denominational primary schools, which emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Today there are 44 Educate Together schools, 22 of which are in the greater Dublin area. Educate Together aims to meet a growing need in Irish society for schools that recognise the developing diversity of Irish life and the modern need for democratic management structures. In particular, Educate Together guarantees children and parents of all faiths and none equal respect in the operation and governing of education.
Educate Together Schools are fully recognised by the Irish Department of Education and Science and work under the same regulations and funding structures as other national schools. However, they have a distinct ethos or governing spirit.