New Barrrier at liffey close


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The new barrier at the end of liffey close green,I am sure it was put up to prevent kids running straight out on the road but it is doing the opposite to what it was put there for,the kids are now hanging out it and standing on the road. and they could have put a better looking barrier maybe used wood instead of metal.


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Barrier at Liffey Close

I agree, it looks awful. And the graffitti is terrible. I don t know if anyone else is concerned about the overall appearance of the Estate - I had visitors over from abroad this year and they could not believe how much the estate had "aged" in a very short space of time.

I know there was talk of setting up a residents association - but I think it was just the first phase of the estate - I dont think we (the grove) or the newer part were issued notices. The road is still not finished at the back of the estate.

Anyway too late for me.....have decided to sell, love my house, but the number of rented properties (EHB) have me concerned about the future.


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The Residents' Association is very much up and running and covers the entire estate. They have addressed the issues you mentioned - the metal barrier has been replaced by a traditional stone wall, the graffitti on the wall was painted over in 2008 and there has been none since, flowers etc are planted to improve the appearance. The estate has its own website

In relation to the rental properties you referred to, many of the tenants of these relocated to Adamstown when the new housing came on stream. Quite a few ex-rentals have been sold on, and the one good thing about the recession is that most of these these are being bought by Owner-occupiers who wish to set down roots.