Neighbourhood Watch signs required, how do we raise funding? (@€120 each)


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Hi there,

I don't even know if I'm doing this right but I feel there's a need to put a neighbourhood watch signs about in Birchwood Springfield.I spotted what I thought was a very suspicious white van parked on the corner of Birchwood Drive this morning with 2 guys in high viz jackets, engine off just looking around probably casing the place for perspective burglaries and it made me very suspicious.I turned the car back around (to let them know I spotted them) and they took off.I only got a glimpse of the reg (10D) and it had some kind of 'Green Landscaping' ad on one side of the van (strange only one side) .I work in the local council so could look into getting these signs up.They cost about €120 per sign but I wouldn't have the first clue about getting funds from neighbours as I barely know anyone (even though I live there just under 13 years !! ).Can anyone advise me how to do so?

Kind Regards :)
Usually Neighbourhood watch schemes are run through the Gardai. I would ask to speak with the Community Garda for your area.
You would probably have to gauge how much interest you would have from your neighbours, a leaflet in the letter box worked well for me.
I set up an email address for people to respond to.
We are still waiting for signs for our area but as far as I am aware the Gardai can provide you with these. Let me know if I can help you more.