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If anyone spots non-residents or parking in the development or residents/tenants parking in the common areas such as under archways, yellow box junctions or areas along the railings parallel to Coolmine School etc.,,,

please call NCPS on 0818555000 to have a clamp issued to the offending vehicle. That includes any mode of transport over the size of a transit van in Verdemont such as 40Ft trucks etc


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That is all nice, but how do you know if a car is from a resident or not, my car is being clamped this weekend, and I am living here for the last 8 months.!!!!!!!!!!, and if i get a visitor is her/his car being clamped as well


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Thats a shame however Im living there 3 years + and have not been clamped. Perhaps you were parked in a common area. It seems unlikely NCPS would clamp a vehicle parked within the parking facilities for no apparent reason. The system in place is working to a degree. The idea of a permit per resident plus additional permits given for visitors associated with actual residents would stamp out any sort of non residents using our grounds.


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Clamped when living in Verdemont since 2 years...

Hello, same for me, I'm leaving here since nearly 2 years and my car was clamped Saturday morning. So my questions are:
Are all the resident registered ? if yes would it be possible to access the list of registered car.
1 year ago I found a sticker asking me to register my car. I called the number, was ask to call another number to finally talk with somebody who told me that everything was ok (without asking me for my licence plate number...)
I talked with my neighbours and none of them have registered their cars.
Nobody on the car park has a sticker to state if they are resident or not so how the clamping company can make the difference.
Without a proper list, I believe that this clamping action is illegal, and I will do everything possible to get my money back.


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NCPS are crooks

NCPS are a group of gangsters. I (admittedly) parked without paying and displaying in Clontarf Dart station (days after it was just brought in). I failed to noticed the signs and never parked there before so was unaware they recently brought in pay and display.

Days after it was brought in they were sniffing around for poor fools like me who hadn't yet realised it was brought in. Anyway they have an appeals process which they say looks at each case individually. False. Every point I made they ignored with a standardized reply and when I tried to get in touch again they made themselves invisible.

They are targetted with getting high numbers of clampings so they run very close to the line. If anyone feels they have been wrongly clamped or at least aren't getting their appeals heard definitely follow it up and bring their dubious practises into the media and online attention. They are crooks so don't be fooled thinking that if you are clamped you were necessarily in the wrong.