Mugging on pedestrian walkway between Grianan Fidh and Sandyford Hall


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There was a mugging of a woman on the walkway at approx 11:55 pm last night 9th April 2013 on the grianan fidh side of the sandyford hall pumping station on the pedestrian path between grianan fidh and sandyford hall.

Assailant ran towards sandyford hall direction and was wearing one of those 'puffa' jackets.

I'd say the age of the guy was late teens/early twenties

Gardai were on the scene after about 10 minutes but the guy was long gone at that stage.

Can i ask all residents with windows that point towards the walkway to keep there eye out and there curtains open to watch out for muggings and assaults and report anything suspicious to the Gardai straight away.

I have contacted the property management company, they said they would bring it to the attention of the directors.

Is there community meetings with the property management company? , if yes, when are these meetings?

Can all women be aware not to walk alone on that path after dark, walk in a group if possible, if not get a taxi from the luas stop.

If there is enough interest i can organise a self defence class in Belarmine community hall