Moving to Aikens


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I'm moving to Cluain Shee in a few days with my whife and my 6 yold kid. Im not from ireland so I was expecting this area to be safe, the few times I visited it always seemed a lovely area.
But I've been reading some of te posts and I got a bit worried... I'll have to walk to the bus and luas because we still dont have a car. Should I learn martial arts? Whats the situation with those 20 teenages? Did the Gardai did something?

Another question that I have is about Internet and Phone. What is the available provider there? I know that UPC only has TV in that area right?



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Hi Mario , I have never had any problems but you also read bad things in every area. It is pretty quiet most of the time and I love it.
there is a good option which is www_skyConway. com , I have their €27/month package HD tv and broadband . I also got a free trial so you can ask about that


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I think I will love it too.

€27/month is great, do you think they are reliable? It's fibre right? I started my contract with SKY yesterday and I would pay 40 for a bad bad internet connection and phone, no TV.
I think I'm going to call them and cancel.

Tks Jackwogan