Mgmt Co raising Mgmt Fee - bins


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Any one got an opinion on the Mgmt Co's proposal of raising the Mgmt fee through a "BIN CHARGE".

The word "recession" comes to mind????

It'll mean that we are sharing a bin b/w a duplex and an apartment!!!

Er how's that gonna work?

ya I think it's a pretty stupid ideal really, unless they build a big bin shed and put in industrial bins, you can imagine the fights with neighbours if everyone has to share the same bins, plus we moved over to Panda anyway because someone kept robbing our bin tags, so does that mean we'll have to pay aswell...


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I am getting the impression that a lot of the people are against it. Panda we want to move to them.

My advice Lolly would be to turn up at the AGM on the 21st and register your against it b/c if it's in the mgmt fee then you'll have to pay it. The way i see it is that if this charge is passed then it'll open the gates for an increase every year because of the bin charges. I don't see any justifiable reason for raising the mgmt fee as the care is so low maintenance. It's not as though we have lifts or anything....

I'll be going to the AGM next week so hopefully others do too. Don't complain if you don't vote (not directing this at you Lolly).