message from residents' association


Moderator (The Maltings)
David Thomas <> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

As you may be aware, our AGM will be held on Thursday 2nd November (at

Please attend the AGM - even if you arrive late.
It is important to show our Property Management Company that we are
interested in the way our Property is run.

If you wish, you may fill out a Proxy form - nominating someone else
vote on your behalf.
All Proxy Forms must be received by RF Property Management - no later
48 hours before the AGM.

Your Service Charge must be paid up - otherwise you are not allowed to
(I think that most Owners have paid half of their Service Charge for
As far as I am concerned, this qualifies as paid 'up to date'.)

Some issues that have been raised so far -

Satellite Dishes.
'Lock In' insurance costs?
Use savings to pay for on going repairs.
New Bicycle / Motor Bike Shed (to reduce the risk of Crime).
An Update on the Maintenance situation

Are there any issues that you would like me to raise?

We have recently lost a number of people off the committee.
If you have the interest - you might consider joining.
(We usually meet on the 2nd Monday of the Month for an hour.)
We would especially like to hear from those with Accountancy, Health &
Safety, Property Management, Construction or Gardening Expertise -
but any Owner is welcome to join.