Managing the estate

Guy Incognito

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I have contacted the council recently to find out when they will be taking the estate 'in hand' (ie taking over street sweeping, rubbish removal, maintenance of street lighting etc.). To my surprise I was told that there are no plans by the council to take over responsibility for these services. They said that it is the responsibility of the developers. This surprised me as management fees were never mentioned in any correspondence Ive had with the developers. The council stated that management fees are not planned for Ard Sionnach either. I cannot believe that that Flemings are planning on doing this work for free. The council stated that nobody has ever asked them about it yet- which makes me think that they havent even though that far ahead. If anyone has heard anything please let me know.
Guy Incognito.:confused:


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Re: Council

Hi Guy

Do you know if council has takenover yet? I am in the process of buying a house and was wondering what you thought of the sound proofing!!!