Management Fees at St Edmunds


I want to see a detailed breakdown of all management fees
(1) for the houses
(2) for the apartments
I would like to see a detailed breakdown of all costs and all invoices for everything in the St Edmunds and not just global figures for the main 3 contracts - Keywaste, Landscaping etc

Its our money and I would like to see a detailed breakdown of exactly where it going. Anyone else support this?


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Hey Gearoid...
I'm with you on this, I have on numerous occasions sent emails to the management company requesting a breakdown and copies of financials for last year....never received an answer.
I would like to be able to claim my tax back on bin charges but I can't as Veris don't have a figure for me :(


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Right so I have yet again requested a breakdown of the fees so I may attempt to claim my tax refund on bin charges paid last year - lets see how long it takes for Veris/Premier to answer me....granted that is if they answer at all....I'm currently still waiting on the 2008 breakdown!!!!


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Just playing devils advocat on this topic - but seeing as we cant get breakdown of costs, statements, even phone contact, etc with veris...
As with any other business, how difficult would it be for the residents committee (or whoever has the power!) to appoint another management company??
We're in a recession - and if we're not getting anything from our current management company, we are entitled to shop around.